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Wickford Arts Festival, 2014


The wonderfully whimsical Wickford… arts festival. So much for alliteration. Any who, thanks to my sister Beth from Green Ink, I was able to set up at this years Wickford Arts Festival and have a chance to peddle my wares to the art fancying patrons of South County.

Had a good amount of sales, met tons of wonderful people, made some great contacts and only got slightly sun burned!


Now with a renewed sense of drive and purpose I hope to be posting new work, new exhibitions and new opportunities on a regular basis!

Oh, and don’t mess about and move a bird’s home when setting up art on an arbor. Two of these little guys were very unhappy with me this weekend when relocated their birdhouse off to the side.

A Bostonian Wedding Adventure

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of photography the nuptials of Nadezhda and Roman as we traveled all around the greater Boston area.

We went from the ceremony in Waterfront to Boston Public Garden to the waterfront to shoot the formals of the bridal party.

  At the reception in Bridgewater I had my first taste of a Russian Armenian wedding party and its was wild!


Wonderful music, joyous dancing and constant energy!



That's A Mighty Fine Chest


Ah, retail, the contemporary city square, the big box as a condensed social system where all walks of life pass each other in the pursuit of electronics! Er. So a chance meeting with Dave and Deb in my appliance section led to me photographing their wonderful, american made chests. From cigar humidors to urns to watch winders and flatware chests, they provide an elegant product for the discerning consumer. And people who can figure out how to use watch winders… which apparently I am not.


Springtime in New England





Green Ink Boutique Spring Ad

This spring I had the chance to help my sister Beth create a new ad spot for her store, Green Ink. It was my first shot at video in years and I think we did a pretty darn good job!  I’m definitely looking to do more with video and hopefully will have that chance over the coming months. And anyone who happens to be in South County should definitely swing by 89 Brown Street in Wickford and check out the ladies boutique for the past 42 years!