Artist Statement

Manuel de Landa spoke of the virtual, a state of shifting, “becoming,” the abstract between signified and signifier, where a system’s outward influence shapes definition. The act of collage is a representation of that state, of that implied motion, creation, entropy. Hegelian Dialectic spilled into a multiplicity, a fractured prism of bifurcated choices and blends. Layer upon layer, each interaction broadens meaning and elevates the aesthetic of the work. Moving past simple contrasts of thesis and antithesis equaling synthesis into a multifaceted collision of varying oppositions. Flesh counters machine, gore contends with beauty and rot vies with life.

“Becoming” is the act of creation as well as the act of exhibition. It is representational of our ouroboros time structure, a repeating state perpetually in existence. Becoming happens as I gather and ponder my stock photos. Becoming happens as I layer and blend and paint scenes and worlds with my images. And Becoming happens when my audience digests my work, bringing new systems of personal culture, history and experience to impact upon the Becoming.

By deconstructing formed photographs and painting new imagery with their pieces, I work with a post-structural mindset. By selecting and referencing pulp horror fixtures and borrowing ideas and influences from comics, pop music and movies, I consider myself a low-culture artist who wants high culture recognition. And with the implied motion and narrative in my work; I’m a pop-surrealist filmmaker constrained and empowered by the space of a single frame.