James on the Rails...Artist Statement


Northern born, southern raised photographer and digital artist, a myriad of artistic and cultural influences have peppered my life and marked my work.

Youthful literary ambitions gave way to cinematic dreams and both influence a narrative drive that propels my current output, whether personal or commercial.

An artistic childhood spurred on by creative parents and growing up close to Ringling, Sarasota and St Pete’s scenes has given me the impetus to make art an important part of my life.

I graduated from Florida State University with a BA in English Literature, and a minor in Film Theory, spending quite a bit of time developing my style, selling at art festivals, participating in the local gallery scene in Tallahassee and learning from as many experiences and people as I could.

Photography and the creation of art, whether its producing head shots for an aspiring actor, documenting a couple’s big day or jumping through the window of an old factory to capture what hasn’t been seen for years, its where I find joy and happiness in my life and it transcends to every interaction I have with a client, a patron, a collector or observer.

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