Commercial Work

Green Ink Boutique Fall Looks



After shooting the fall videos for Green Ink Boutique, Becca and I took to the historic streets of Wickford village to create some fall looks.




Green Ink Boutique Fall Ad

I’ve been having fun getting back into working with video by creating tv spots for my sister’s store, Green Ink Boutique, in Wickford, RI (which is a lovely place to shop at and a necessary stop when driving through Wickford). These two spots were created for fall promotion and will be whipping up a couple more soon for the winter/holiday ads. I’ll also be editing a few longer commercials for online posting to show a bit more of what we shot where we aren’t constrained by commercial limitations.

That's A Mighty Fine Chest


Ah, retail, the contemporary city square, the big box as a condensed social system where all walks of life pass each other in the pursuit of electronics! Er. So a chance meeting with Dave and Deb in my appliance section led to me photographing their wonderful, american made chests. From cigar humidors to urns to watch winders and flatware chests, they provide an elegant product for the discerning consumer. And people who can figure out how to use watch winders… which apparently I am not.