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So back in the early months of this year I had a wonderful write up on Offbeat Bride by the bride in a fall wedding I shot last year. Julianne wrote a beautiful article and punctuated it with my photos.


And I thought that was that. A lovely piece documenting a great wedding. Then last week I got an email from Buzzfeed requesting the right to publish my images on their blog/facebook/instagram. Which is kind of awesome. Even just a single image in that sort of pop culture social click behemoth that is Buzzfeed is pretty damn cool.


 So thank you Julianne for your kind words and sharing your special day with me last fall!

Julianne Jacob 6

Chris and Kerry at West Valley Inn





Brett and Christie at Harbor Lights








Julianne and Jacob at the Arboretum

Julianne Jacob 1

Julianne Jacob 2

Julianne Jacob 0

Julianne Jacob 4

Julianne Jacob 3

Julianne Jacob 5

Julianne Jacob 6

Jennifer and Adil at Whispering Pines


Just before the leaves turned with the onset of fall I had the pleasure of photographing Adil and Jennifer Terraf’s big day at Whispering Pines in West Greenwich, RI.


 They exchanged vows against the backdrop of a beautiful lake; friends and family showering them with applause, love and soapy bubbles.


 A lovely couple in a wonderful location, we had over an hour to explore the grounds and take our time with the posed photos.


Leaning out an upstairs window we tried to capture all the wedding guests in the shape of a heart. They proved too numerous and we ended up with the guests showing heart instead.


 Led en masse to the dance floor by the exuberant MC, almost all the guests were choreographed on the spot into lengthy dance numbers throughout the evening.


The newly weds and Jennifer’s parents absconded with a rowboat only to surprise reception guests with a watery rendezvous! Despite rowing all around the lake it thankfully ended up being a dry affair and everyone returned for the rest of reception without having to change clothes. Stayed late waiting for nightfall to play with light painting with some great results!


And a quick look at custom photo wood box for the digital negatives… I need to find out how to make custom USB drives.


A Bostonian Wedding Adventure

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of photography the nuptials of Nadezhda and Roman as we traveled all around the greater Boston area.

We went from the ceremony in Waterfront to Boston Public Garden to the waterfront to shoot the formals of the bridal party.

  At the reception in Bridgewater I had my first taste of a Russian Armenian wedding party and its was wild!


Wonderful music, joyous dancing and constant energy!



Danielle and Doug

In the days leading up to Danielle and Doug’s wedding I was nervous… there was a meteorological threat from an ornery tropical storm Karen that loomed over the event. Thankfully, I arrived on St George Island to clear blue skies, temperate weather and a fresh breeze coming off the gulf.


 The girls were getting ready at the Loggerhead and the guys held it down at Dunescape where the ceremony and reception were to take place. Bouncing back and forth between the locations to capture the prep work, I was able to photograph the wonderful and emotional moments where Grandma first saw her dress on Danielle.


They had a beautiful ceremony beneath an assembled arbor and exited triumphantly with a Hendrix escort back to the Dunescape!


Racing against the falling sun, we stopped briefly at the lighthouse before rushing to the bay side of St George where Doug had proposed to Danielle. The clouds illuminated by those last moments of light set a wonderful stage to work with.


As the penultimate wedding I have had the pleasure of photographing before moving, I couldn’t have asked for a better couple, a nicer group of family and friends or a more perfect day. Danielle, Doug, I wish you all the best!

And keep an eye on that link I sent you because those first couple hundred images were just the start!